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A Content Management System is essentially a piece of software, that allows you to manage digital content – in other words, the platform that your website ‘lives on’.

The great thing about using a CMS (Content Management System) based website is that you and your team can easily manage the site in-house with some basic training and support from our team.

Sometimes, however, you might be looking for some extra support along the way and that’s where we come in – providing maintenance services for your website.

Keeping your website up-to-date is important for several reasons including the security and speed of your website. We offer affordable support options that will ensure your website stays up to date and optimised.

We can assist with all manners of maintenance, such as:

Quality Control Reviews

It is always a good idea to review the content of your website regularly, especially if multiple members of your team are editors. It can be easy when multiple people are editing the website, to lose constancy in your content. For example, one editor might use a slightly different heading style to all the others and before you know it every page on your website looks different.

Website Updates

We can update your plugins, widgets and any extensions you may have on your site, as well as making sure your software is up to date.Β  Keeping software updated is highly recommended for the functionality of your website, and also for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Website additions

As your business grows you might want to add extra functionality features to your websites such as booking systems or ticket support options.

The addition of these features, can mean sourcing and installing ‘plugins’. This can require a bit of technical knowledge which we are happy to help you with. We will provide you with advice and training on how to manage these new additions – empowering you and your team to be self-sufficient!

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